What You Will Get

• Access to over 80, 000 DNA Profiles & Dynamic Updates

Our database includes DNA profiles from every continent around the world. Your profile will be compared against all of these profiles to identify your own Maternal and Paternal DNA Clans.

• Match your DNA to Indigenous Populations

Compare your DNA profile to many isolated and endangered Indigenous Populations from around the world.

• Discover Your DNA Clan

Is your Maternal DNA Clan in Europe, Asia or Africa? What about your Paternal Clan? Take this the DNA Clans test today to find out!

• Official DNA Clans Certificate

Find your DNA Clan, print your certificate and show it off!

DNA Clans

An all access pass to scientifically published DNA profiles of ethnic and indigenous populations from around the world. Find your DNA Clan today.

Maternal DNA Clans

Mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) is passed down from mother-to-child down the direct maternal line. This means mtDNA profiles can be used to trace back your maternal line and to identify your own Maternal DNA Clan. Both females and males can take the mtDNA test to trace back their maternal line.

Paternal DNA Clans

Y DNA is passed down from father-to-son along the direct paternal line. Your Y-DNA profile can be used to trace your father’s side of the family and to uncover your Paternal DNA Clan. Females wishing to trace their paternal clan can do so by inviting a male family member on their paternal side (father, brother, uncle) to take the Y-DNA test.  

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